About us

Since 1967, FES has provided agricultural solutions backed by world-class brands, expert technical services, advice and practical know-how to Malawi’s farming communities and other related industries. We realise strong business partnerships are the key to ensuring an optimal return for your business.

FES is evolving. It's not just about equipment anymore; it’s about integrated agricultural solutions, providing services which support our customers at every step on their mechanised journey, be it farming, construction or industrial industries. From roadway and ditch maintenance to land clearance, land preparation, irrigation schemes and contracting.

We are continuously expanding our offering to assist our clients, commercial and emerging farmers: yield improvement, minimising downtime and finding the best brand for solutions for their particular needs. We are currently developing Malawi’s first independent, state-of-the-art, soil- and leaf-testing facility - AgriLab - under the FES Group umbrella.

FES is 100% committed to long-term partnerships with our clients that are innovative, practical, sustainable and cost-effective.


Our vision

Mechanising African agriculture, ensuring food security and enhancing profitability.


Our team

Our expert management team compromises nine professionals from different countries and background, with more than 140 years' cumulative experience in the agricultural, technical, industrial, financial and management fields.

Mike Aldworth
Group Managing Director
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Patrick Staniland
Group Finance Director
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Mark Galloway
Group Technical Director
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Steve Tembo
National Parts Manager
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Thian Myburgh
FES Commercial Manager
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Lemanson Mphande
National Tender Manager
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Anna Kaipah
National Human Resources
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Georgina Saunders
Dev and Sustainability Manager
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Alasdair Harris
Agri Eng & Business Dev Manager
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Justin Domelo
Operations Manager Contracts
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Luca Desideri
Agronomy Manager
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Jim McSorley
Country Head - Zambia
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Richard Chapple
Tech & Com Manager - Zambia
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Wise Sibindi
Finance Director - Zambia
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Robert Van Eede
Tech & Com Manager - Zambia
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Nieks Bezuidenhout
Board Chairman
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Lize Lubbe
Non-executive Director
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Health, safety
and governance

FES is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible corporate, environmental and social governance. Since our inception, we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure the full disclosure of our activities, policies and accounting practices. Management recognises it has a duty to secure the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and many others who may be affected by its operation and we subscribe to the highest level of corporate governance.

We are proud of the integrity of our employees, managers, officers and the Board of Directors. Since inception, we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure the full disclosure of our activities, policies and accounting practices. Our Board of Directors is diverse and experienced and their performance excellence expectations have been instrumental in guiding our development and business practices.

‘FES is working towards International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification and is implementing best-practice standards for environmental and social sustainability.’ Mike Aldworth, Group Managing Director – FES

FES is proudly NOSA 4-star Platinum-rated, adhering to its principles.

Impact and sustainable development

FES’ impact objectives are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to achieve its mission of mechanising African agriculture, ensuring food securing and enhancing profitability.

3,350 hectares of land prepared for smallholders – a 135% increase in services delivery since 2013

1,050 kilometres of road levelling and water canals prepared for communal benefit since 2013

1,230,000 tonnes of food produced on land serviced since 2013

Five procedures in place to prevent environmental contamination and educate employees on pollution prevention

52,360-kilowatt energy- generating potential sold since 2015

FES has strong strategic partnerships achieving sustainable development

118% increase in female employment since 2013

Employees and their dependants are covered through FES medical insurance