Contracting Solutions

FES provides a wide range of contracting and leasing solutions across the agricultural supply chain using advanced technologies to drive increased yields, productivity and reduce input costs.

Precision land preparation for close to 24 000 hectares annually. Land preparation includes multiple operations such as precision levelling and ridging, ploughing, ripping, herbicide application, mechanised and drone crop spraying and drip irrigation installation.

All are critical for crop production as this optimises the soil structure, planting and seeding operations, directly impacting planting, root development and uptake of nutrients and moisture, which influence the final yield delivery.

FES can assist with infrastructure needs, such as roadway maintenance, field clearance, bush removal, transport/haulage and spreading of the by-products of the sugar manufacturing process, for example, filter mud and vinasse.

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Bulk water supply

The FES irrigation team provides expert advice and takes care of canal excavation, building, modification, and maintenance services to manage water flow, e.g., in estates, such as the recently completed Kaombe Bulk Water Scheme. We can also assist with the construction of large internal storage dams.

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Precision land preparation

FES uses advanced precision agriculture technology and smart farming techniques to solve challenges across the entire agricultural supply chain, thereby minimising input cost and maximising yield and efficiencies.

The team offers:

GPS-controlled tractor steering and optimised route planning; resulting in reduced fuel consumption, a high-level of accuracy and increased production time.

GPS real-time data collection with accurate positioning, efficient manipulation, and analysis of large amounts of geospatial data. We collect information on soil conditions, improve maintenance of the existing planted crops and generate increased data both before and after harvest time. This reduces the risk of crop failure, causing substantial improvement in bottom-line returns.

  • Precision Farming
  • Precision Irrigation
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Land Preparation
  • Precision Harvesting
  • Greenseeker
  • Weedseeker

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Drone services

FES has launched a comprehensive, fully licensed, certified, and competitively priced drone services division based in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. The team has added light detection and ranging (LiDAR) mapping for agricultural and mining applications, including crop height mapping (proxy yield map) to our suite of services.

FES Drone Services will soon to be operational in Zambia and currently offers the following services:

  • Crop Spraying (Field Crops and Orchards)
  • Crop Health Assessments – Advanced Multispectral and Thermal Imaging
  • Real-time Kinematic Topographic Surveys, Including Volumetric Surveys of Mine Dumps and Forestry Plantations
  • Thermal Imaging – Agriculture and Anti-poaching Mapping, Including Land-use Planning Services

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FES is Malawi and Zambia’s leading brand when it comes to equipment leasing and maintenance solutions, enabling companies to manage costs and reduce capital outlay. We are currently leasing well over 100 units including Massey Ferguson, Toyota Forklifts and Komatsu.

Our leasing and long-term contract solutions allow our customers to reduce their capital outlay and possibly a sizeable finance burden.

A well-experienced regional team oversees and provides full maintenance service for leased equipment, key supplier support, service agreements, generator maintenance contracts, telecoms tower maintenance, mining services and stocking and consignment of parts and spares.

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Road maintenance
As the exclusive BOMAG distributor in Malawi, FES markets the entire BOMAG product range, including compaction machinery for asphalt, soil and landfill construction, as well as milling machines, finishers and stabilisers/recyclers. The range also comprises soil stabilisation equipment, such as towed pulverisers and binder spreaders.
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